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rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Nov 11 10:50:17 CST 2001

>Ha ha! Too late, Rudy.

same back atcha, madhu, you will see i posted the link to those
bookmarklets well before you did    ;o)

> Would that be a good article, you think?

echoing keith, yes a great idea to continue the effort begun by
bookmarklets.com at evolt, especially considering that some of the
bookmarklets.com ones used to but no longer work in ie4, and the site seems
to have gone, um, stale

we have plenty of javascript gurus here (among which i do not count myself,
so my contributions will be few and my assistance in debugging limited)

here's one i picked up somewhere -- can't recall where, it wasn't
favelets.com, who have a similar one but it's only for macs and easily over
2000 char

this pops up a new window to display the styles in effect on a page --

[i].cssText+'\n');else mydoc.write('No stylesheets on this
page!');mydoc.title='Stylesheets for '+mywin.location.href;mydoc.close();

doesn't seem to work on all sites but it does work on evolt.org

oh, and does anybody know where the table border toggle javascript
originally came from?  it's been posted and tipped here on thelist a couple
of times, and it would help this poor guy out --

    (in german)

he apologizes several times for reproducing it without credit, so grab the
border toggle bookmarklet there if you don't already have it, or search for
it in evolt's tip harvester


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 - Benjamin Franklin

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