[thelist] Templates vs. Libraries or Server-side includes

Sylvia Braunstein sbraun at rugged.com
Sun Nov 11 11:13:37 CST 2001

My website is built on templates because many sections repeat. It is
quite easy to update but I have to republish all the dependent html
pages (many) every time a small change is performed. Had it been frames,
I could have republished the frame only.
I am currently looking into the library and Server-Side includes
What is the recommended way to deal with this problem? Does any of the
above options (library or Server-Side) allow to publish one file only
and it would automatically be updated (as it would with frames)?
What are the advantages and inconvenients of each method? I understand
that Server-Side makes the site slower while the server updates the

Your advice is highly appreciated.


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