[thelist] Templates vs. Libraries or Server-side includes

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Nov 11 11:36:17 CST 2001

> I understand that Server-Side makes the site slower while
> the server updates the pages.

hi sylvia

that's absolutely true, but at the same time my guess is that on a
competent server, the overhead is measured in milliseconds

compare this to trip time, the time it takes the assembled page to transit
the internet and arrive at the user's computer, and i'll bet that server
side includes increase trip time by approx 0.00001% -- i.e. next to
nothing, as they used to say in physics class...

have a look at the ssi links on shirley's websitetips page --


templates are fine but if you change a template, you still have to change
all the pages that were published with it, so in my opinion the ssi concept
is the only way to go

when i say the "ssi concept" i mean that it's not necessary to use the
specific apache ssi syntax if you have some other server side scripting
language like php, asp, cold fusion, perl, etc...


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