[thelist] Templates vs. Libraries or Server-side includes

Pat Meeks pmeeks at email.msn.com
Sun Nov 11 12:33:14 CST 2001


> Does any of the above options (library or Server-Side) allow to publish
one file only
> and it would automatically be updated (as it would with frames)?
> What are the advantages and inconvenients of each method? I understand
> that Server-Side makes the site slower while the server updates the
> pages.

Hmmm, my site only has about 400 pages, so I don't how my site compares to

I don't use DW templates at all. I found them difficult to use when they
contained links. I specifically moved to DW to use the Library feature for
my menus and footers (or any repeating section with links). Using Library
items for menus was simpler for me because it made the links easy to deal
with. I did find that at slower connection speeds, having the menus as
Library items did help the pages load a little faster than having them as
includes (a top priority). Since I mainly use Library items for menus,
footers, etc., I don't often make changes, and when I do, to me, it doesn't
take that long. However, for sections that change frequently and contain few
(if any) links, I use includes. There is no reason you can't use a variety
of methods, choosing the best approach for each situation.

HTH, Pat pmeeks at msn.com

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