[thelist] Macromedia Installers aren't.

Wallace, Mark mwallace at bindview.com
Sun Nov 11 13:31:10 CST 2001

Hey, guys - I'm still unable to install Macromedia's entire Cold Fusion 5.0
product line (three separate installers) and/or Homesite 5.0 on a couple of
NT servers due to what looks like a bug in their Installshield script - 

To keep this from being a massive post, here's the situation so far,
including what I've tried:

Their support tech thinks I need to pay them for a support incident now, and
he's apparently done - he no longer responds to my emails. Problem is, I had
to BEG for funds to buy the products in the first place - I just don't have
a budget to fix other companies' software development issues.

What am I missing here? Can anyone think of any troubleshooting/debugging
steps that I'm leaving out?

Incidentally, Ultradev installs without a hitch on both systems. Guess it's
a matter of priorities, huh?

Mark Wallace
BindView Corporation

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