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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Nov 11 17:08:24 CST 2001

> 2. Look and feel - according to the CEO/CTO/BOD the existing site is
> 'sissy.' Note that the new site uses exactly the same colors and
> open, airy
> feel, so I don't think we've addressed that issue yet. Ideas? What colors
> are less fluffy and sensitive, but would work with the logo
> colors (oh look;
> the site USES the logo colors - CEO/CTO/BOD don't like the logo
> either, but
> maybe it could be hidden in a robust, manly site?)

I prefer the original.

The new one is of a low standard (IMHO). Absolutely nothing is aligned
giving it no strength whatsoever. Fonts are unnecessarily varied and it
lacks any boldness that the original achieved. If you're worried about
"sissy"ness, then I'd go back and rework the original slightly, rather than
continue with this new attempt.

What I'd do to the original:

 - dump the font used for "Here and now" and secondary navigation - ugh!
 - remove the tabs.
 - remove the GIF text on the blue background and just use normal text.
 - align the "News" title with what *was* GIF text, and remove the watermark
behind News/Events/Jobs.
 - put the footer across the bottom, left-aligned with the News heading.

That'd be a good start.

The new site is confused. You've got the oval shaped buttons derived from
the logo and the ugly mess of shapes behind "Here and now", the block
Air5(tm) picture, and then the rounded square "network diagram" shape. Add
in the green HR's, and it's in serious need of help.

Aligntment-nazi says: Here and now should align with the Air5 pic and the
footer. "Company" in the navigation should align with the News footer
element at the very least. The Magis name should right-align with "Jobs" in
the navigation.

I can't tell what the chipset is from the picture. Either provide a close-up
view/larger picture, or use something stylised (depending on your intended

That's all I have time for right now. Hope some of the comments help.


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