[thelist] Digital Camera Recommendation

Tony Page zamba at zamba.com
Sun Nov 11 23:21:06 CST 2001

I'm a professional photographer using a range of cameras including
digital. Virtually any camera on the market will give you a passable
picture for normal web use, especially if you can use photoshop
afterwards! Print is another matter.
If you want real control and to keep alive the possibility of using your
shots for smallish print jobs (like in newsletters etc) then go for a 3
megapixel + camera. I use a Nikon 995 (cheaper now they have the new 5
megapixel one coming out) and know quite a few pros who use it as a
back-up to their D1X/Kodak760 etc. One good point about it is its
phenomenal close-up performance, ideal for eg jewellery. You can use
off-camera flash too. 
Check out http://www.steves-digicams.com/ for comparative reviews, and
there are links off that to other sites.
Any more questions, email me offlist...
Tony Page

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> Hi People,
> What would be a good recommendation for a digital camera for 
> web design, and at the same time good enough quality for print?
> Either specs to look for or recommendations from personal use.
> Thanx in advance,
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