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muinar muinar at gmx.net
Mon Nov 12 16:39:34 CST 2001

Hi Marie

If your server has PHP, I'd go with Phorum


I found it quite safe and easy to install, compared to other
products which rely on cgi for instance.


At 16:13 11.11.01 -0800, you wrote:
>The people whose webpage I maintain want a threaded message board, but 
>they don't like the pop up ads that come along with the free ones. I need 
>something that is really easy to read and the layout is simple because I 
>am catering to folks who are not necessarily very familiar with the web. 
>Does anyone out there have experience with free threaded message boards? I 
>found some nice ones for a low cost, but no one wants to spend any money 
>on this until they know whether or not it will take off on the site. Any 
>suggestions? Thanks, Marie

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