[thelist] MSXML, SAX, and client side script - HEEELLLPPPP!!!!

Damian Maclennan damian_mac at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 12 21:23:17 CST 2001


I haven't used SAX but you will find some reference materials and sample 
code at Microsoft's MSDN site. http://msdn.micrsoft.com/

Have fun :)


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>Subject: [thelist] MSXML, SAX, and client side script - HEEELLLPPPP!!!!
>Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 22:28:02 -0500
>Hi everyone...
>I am in a bind and need some help.  I am taking a class on applied XML and
>we have to write a script that parses an XML file and spits out the content
>of each element.  The trick is that we have to use SAX as our parsing
>method.  Has anyone out there ever done this using client side VBScript or
>Javascript and the MSXML parser?
>Is a real simple thing to do using the DOM but i cannot find any references
>for SAX.  Has anyone written anything like this before?
>Any help is greatly appreciated.
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