Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Tue Nov 13 08:07:44 CST 2001

Chris wrote:

> No matter HOW official it seems, don't go near it.

If that's the quality of the usual e-mails, how can anyone fall for it?

We need to tell the spam-writers that they owe Tips :)

<tip type="ColdFusion">
If you want a development version of ColdFusion Server 5.0, download the
trial version and let it expire after 30 days.  After expiration, it turns
into the single-user version.*

* However, according to sources at Allaire/Macromedia, you are only allowed
to use the single-user version if there is a registered version of CF Studio
(any version) on your machine.  If you think this is silly because it
discourages developers from developing in ColdFusion, you can request they
change this policy (or release a version of CF Express 5.0) using their
Feature Request form:  http://www.macromedia.com/support/email/wishform/

Scott Brady

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