[thelist] "NoRightClick": beating a dead horse (WAS: Protecting y our code from viewing)

Wallace, Mark mwallace at bindview.com
Tue Nov 13 11:28:57 CST 2001

The only time we've used this where it makes sense, is on a couple of pages
where we have massive user problems - like for example, links that load PDF
files through <cfcontent> (yes, there was a compelling reason to do so) -
people would right click and get the cfm page downloaded instead of the PDF
file. Using a "no right click script" on this cut our support emails on this
issue down from dozens a day to about one a month. 

It really depends on what kind of content you're serving, and why you want
to do it, I'd guess. The best way to "Protect Your ...blah" is to keep it
off the WWW.

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>From: Madhu Menon
>I agree. Disabling of right-clicking is immensely annoying

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