[thelist] designer's rights

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Wed Nov 14 10:41:39 CST 2001

> I've received a disturbing email from an old client (from when I was
> freelance) asking me to remove any mention of his company 
> from my portfolio. 

I've said this many times and I'll mention it again: always have
something in your contract which specifies that you reserve the right to
use the work you produce in a portfolio or other similar
self-promotional material.

You say that you are only referring to the client in text, right? I
guess you need to figure out how important that reference is. Intel
forbids most of their contractors from mentioning them by name in
portfolio or anywhere else. Some people fudge this by saying "A Large
Chip Manufacturer" or some such nonsense. Or, by building up the rest of
their client list so that they can leave it off.

Basically, though, you need to get the money he owes you and then remove
the reference. The client is being a dick and completely unprofessional.
Don't fight to keep him in your list but get that money owed to you.

- amanda

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