[thelist] RE: Homesite 5.0

Bruce Heerssen bruce at heerssen.com
Wed Nov 14 11:05:07 CST 2001

> Another question regarding Homesite 5:
> Is it better at creating valid pages? What I would like is the "tag
> insight" feature to only show valid tags for the doctype I'm using. Is this
> possible?
> Do such an editor exist at all?
Dunno if Homesite 5 does this. Screem, for Linux, claims it can:

"SCREEM will read the DOCTYPE of the page you are editing and ensure that 
only valid attributes are offered for inline tagging, only valid tags can be 
inserted, and that automatic closing of tags is performed correctly."


I have yet to get this program to run however, so I can't vouch for anything 
about it. In-line tagging is Screem's equivalent to HomeSite's tag 


P.S. - If there is anyone out there that has actually used this editor, I 
would love to hear from you :)

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