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Perales, Andres --DMS-Contractor Andres.Perales at hood.army.mil
Thu Nov 15 11:48:52 CST 2001

The layout is great, easy to read, usability is also good, I know where I am
exactly at.  Now the Skin chooser is great too, I liked the Grey Boy scheme,
better, if you can't decided let your target audience decide have sort of a
Voting page to vote for the scheme.

The only problem I saw was the tool tip when you hover over the picture that
is in the pics section, It is giving the image name, with the extension, but
that might have to stay like that, due to the changing image on load!  Great


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> http://www.thegeneration.org/index-new.shtml 
> I would especially appreciate feedback on layout, usability, and
> colors (both selectable styles).

I *really* liked this site - great job!

 - You've done a great job of making it backward-compatible. It's still
fully functional in older browsers and search engine spiders will love it
too. It is a little plain in NN4 though. You could add a linked
stylesheet with some of the basic styles which would work in NN4.

- I found the animated heading a bit distracting because it flashes on
every page. I would think about making it animated on the homepage only.

- I like your implementation of A List Apart's style switcher, but both
your stylesheets are fairly similar to each other. It would be nice to
have the option of selecting bigger body text (as you use pixels in the
stylesheet) or black text on white background (also useful for printing).

- The navigation was very clear. I liked having the option of using either
the drop-down menu or the standard left-hand-nav to accomplish the same

- I think the text on your 404 page should go above the logo (or you
should shrink the logo. At the moment you have to scroll to read the text
if you are using a small browser window. Why not include a search box and
menu of options on the 404 page. At the very least link to your search

Overall, I think you've done an excellent job - I wish more sites were
like this one!


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