[thelist] PowerPoint (ugh)

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Thu Nov 15 14:46:15 CST 2001

Not sure I understand, but PowerPoint will accept live hyperlinks, like all
Office apps. They'd still have to click the link at the end to go back, but
I think your idea is better. Open a new window, and even if they lose
interest or it breaks, they've got the original open to go back to. Yeah;
that's it - push it as a usability/marketing feature. You instinctively
provided the right solution already. Go dog go!

Or if they really want this, lemme know and I'll see if the automagic PPS
type file can do this.

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> client has a .ppt file on the web site...  client wants .ppt file to open
> in browser (already addressed), let user walk through, then
> automagically return to the web site...
> short-term solution i stuffed in there was target="_new"...
> not a PowerPoint user, is there anyone with ideas?
> anything other than "click here to return, sluggo?"

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