[thelist] base href and jump to links

bread_man bread_man at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 15 15:26:10 CST 2001

Oh boy this sucks for me.  Has anyone seen this?

I have a 120 page website, each with a <base href="www.mysite.com">.  The
original creator of the website did this because he was moving the website
from server to server and thought changing this on every page was easier
than using relative links.

OK, the site works fine in IE.  Navigator is reacting funny in a certain
instance - here it is:

If there are links that go to a page and jump to a certain spot, (such as <a
href="destination_page.html#jump"> )Navigator will not go to that spot, and
instead, jump to the bottom of the page.  Weird.

Yes, I would rather not use the <base href>, but there are thousands upon
thousands of links already in place, and I don't have the timeframe or
budget to fix them all...

Anyone know what's up, and a possible solution?

Thanks so much,

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