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Matt Patterson list-matt at reprocessed.org
Fri Nov 16 05:31:22 CST 2001

On 16/11/01 at 11:03 am, mark.cheng at ranger.com.au (Mark Cheng) wrote:

> Ron,
> One thing which I don't think anyone has mentioned yet is that > and I
> think + are CSS2 selectors.  this means that you need to be careful
> where you use them - For example I think ie5 doesn't understand them. 
> I quite often use > to define CSS widths for NS6+ because ie5 doesn't
> pick it up.

They are CSS 2 selectors.

IE 5/PC doesn't understand them and neither does IE 6/PC, because it's
still only a CSS 1 browser. IE5/mac on the other hand... it does
understand them, which is useful to bear in mind.

To re-iterate the definitions. Be careful with +. The spec says
something like this: 

F+E selects an element 'E' immediately preceded by an element 'F'

You aren't limited to selectors like p+p, you can do things like h1+p to
affect paragraphs immediately following an h1, not just paragraphs
following paragraphs... 


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