[thelist] Re: Windows 2000 server with NT workstation

Glenn Hunt ghunt at hds.ca
Tue Nov 20 17:37:27 CST 2001

>I discovered that if I made one Linux box the master browser for the
>entire workgroup (using samba), everything stabilized and everyone
>working together again.  Takes a few minutes for the broadcast messages
>make the rounds and for everyone to find each other, by the way.

>Who knows, it might simply be a matter of turning on the machines in
>right order!

FWIW, samba can be a WINS server as well (that's how I run it personally
- works great). When I join my home workgroup to the office workgroup
(which I conveniently named the same) via VPN, I get BOTH sets of
machines in my browser list!

Glenn Hunt
ghunt at hds.ca

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