[thelist] Windows 2000 server with NT workstation

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Tue Nov 20 18:49:42 CST 2001

I had this same problem last week witha Win2k Server and 8
workstations using a mix of Win98/Win2k Pro.  I uninstalled
TCP/IP and NetBUI - then reinstalled them - and the problem
went away.  At least for the next 5 days I was there.

I did this on the server & the workstations.  It only takes
minutes each.  



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> The biggest problem with the LMHOSTS file is maintenance. Because this
> file has to reside on each machine, and updates have to made manually,
> it is time consuming. Better to have another machine be a "backup" WINS
> server. Since DHCP is in use, management is already centrally located,
> so it's easy to just add the WINS server into the DHCP Scope options. If
> the WINS server is down, then browsing the network is probably the least
> of your worries!
> Glenn Hunt
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> OK,
> I went back to read the actual problem, instead of responding to
> responses... have you noticed how that makes threads fray? ;)
> +| have all 5 NT
> +| workstations that occassionally lose the network
> +| neighborhood - you can use
> +| Find a computer to see the pc you want to connect to - but 
> +| this isn't great.
> It does sound like SMB browsing issues -- just the thing Glenn mentioned
> that is taken care of by your WINS server.
> It could be that the WINS server's database needs to be rebuilt. In the
> WINS Manager, there is a button to do this.
> It could be that your NT server lost in a Master Browser election, but I
> doubt that unless someone has been playing with the settings on MS
> networking in the network control panel on their workstations. Since you
> have only 5 machines, you might want to check the properties of the
> Microsoft Networking Client on the 98 machines. One of them is something
> like "Set this machine to Master Browser" with one choice being "never".
> If all else fails, I'd point your net admin to look into playing with
> the lmhosts file in \<systemroot>\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\ (on the NT
> systems
> -- c:\windows\lmhosts on the 98 machines). This file can be used as a
> WINS "database" in case there is no WINS server. Using it you can
> emulate the WINS functionality... namely browsing. The LMHOSTS.Sam
> (sample lmhosts) file in that directory is the best starting point!
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