[thelist] PGP on the web server

Wade Armstrong wade at runstrong.com
Thu Nov 22 02:59:20 CST 2001

Check out ASPMail, http://www.serverobjects.com/products.htm#aspmail. It
requires PGP installed on the server.


on 11/21/01 11:44 PM, Alister Cameron at alister at cameron.org wrote:

> I want to stick a form on my site and collect info from someone (with
> I then want to send it via an email back to myself, but the catch is that to
> maintain security I was the server to encrypt the email against my PGP key
> and then send it to me.
> My server is IIS5, and I am hoping for a COM object that I can push the
> email body to along with a/my PGP KEY, with it returning me the encrypted
> results.
> Sounds a really simple concept to me. But is it available? Is anyone out
> there doing this?
> Thanks!
> Alister Cameron
> Cameron Creative
> PS. Please reply direct as well as to the list if U don't mind!

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