[thelist] RE: Java/J++, general programming question

The Optimizer chrism at puffofsmoke.net
Thu Nov 22 08:54:45 CST 2001

> >A friend of mine just sent me the following question:
> >
> >"Hey! If possible, could you find out for me if I
> >should be learning visual j++, or something else. My
> >understanding (I think) is that visual j++ is just a
> >compiler, but I want to make sure before I invest to
>  From what I know, Visual J++ is Microsoft's version of Java. One
> can code
> in it using
> Microsoft's Visual Studio. I don't think any other compilter or vendor
> conforms to this.


"Microsoft Visual J++ is an integrated Windows-hosted development tool for
Java programming. Visual J++ allows you to create, modify, build, run,
debug, and package an application, all within a single environment.

"Visual J++ 6.0 introduces the Windows Foundation Classes for Java (WFC).
This new application framework accesses the Microsoft Windows API, enabling
you to write full-featured Windows applications with the Java programming
language. WFC also wraps the Dynamic HTML object model implemented in
Internet Explorer 4.0, which allows you to dynamically manipulate HTML on
both the client and the server."



Chris Marsh

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