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Fri Nov 23 02:44:21 CST 2001

On 22 Nov 2001, at 20:05, Joel D Canfield posted a message which said:

> Wasn't aware of that. In our case, Macs make up less than 1% of our
> traffic, so I'm not making any changes for now, but that's really useful
> info. Thanks.

For a lot of people, it works that way in Windows, too. 

Uh, would you consider conforming to RFC 1522 in this manner?

	1. Trim posts meaningfully, 
	2. Reply *below* that which you are replying to so that others 
could do the same?

It not only reduces the expense of participating in this list for people 
who have to pay by the minute to use the telephone line (common in 
places like UKofGB&NI) when they read your message, but would 
also have made it a lot easier for people reading followup mesages to 
figure out this has something to do with opening PDFs in a new 
window, which can leave an annoying ghost window, meaning the 
user has to close both Acroread AND the ghost window in order to 
get back to the original page. 



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