[thelist] CDONTS and Web-based email readers (ASP)

Shaun Anderson shaunanderson at shaunanderson.info
Mon Nov 26 14:01:58 CST 2001

The Problem:
When people are reading the e-mails sent with CDONTS in a web based e-mail
program, they see:

begin 666 pa242.pdf
<yada, yada, yada>

instead of a regular attachment.

So far we've tested excite, canada.com, yahoo, hotmail and a local ISP's

Excite and Canada.com do exactly the above, and don't allow you to DL the
attachment at all.

Yahoo and the ISP give a link to the attachment, and then displays this
garbage again.

Hotmail works as expected and just gives links to the files.

Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail and Eudora all work correctly.

Any ideas?  The code used to send the e-mails 


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