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WiredRepublic at aol.com WiredRepublic at aol.com
Mon Nov 26 14:13:44 CST 2001

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> Who on this list is using "virtual pc" to test multiple OSs on a single
> machine. and who thinks it's better than purchasing a mega HD and
> partitioning it, installing the different OSs that way?
> All thoughts would be appreciated as I'm currently trying to get my boss
> implement a more rigorous testing method to our production process.
> Cheers all.

The latest version of VirtualPC is well worth it and works extremely well
with my Me, XP, BeOS and SuSE Linux OS'. Loads of memory is a must; I have
768MB SDRAM and that works a treat. I wouldn't recommend using resource
eaters like Photoshop and such while running it because that isn't really
purpose and doesn't work all that well either, but seeing as you said its
testing purposes - its a great tool for that.

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