[thelist] digital camera

Daryl Grant poojie at dccnet.com
Mon Nov 26 18:46:22 CST 2001

Erika Meyer writes:

> My department has said they are willing to buy a digital camera for me to
> use at work.


I have had excellent experiences with Olympus cameras, specifically the E-10
(extremely high quality -- $2000USD), the E-100RS (quite good quality and
the ability to shoot rapid action at 15 fps -- $1500USD) and the C-700 Ultra
Zoom (decent quality for the price range with 10x _optical_ zoom --

All of these cameras have friendly menus that house many, many options
(including the ones you mentioned). The 'E' series is more along
professional quality lines, but the C-700 is an excellent camera. It uses
software that is very similar that used on the E-100 and E-10 -- and is
easier to use in some ways.

One of the best features common to all three of these digital cameras is
that they do not require software in order to download the images you have
taken -- you simply plug them in (via USB) and access them like you would
any other removeable drive (through a temporary drive letter, 'E:' for
example). As far as I know, Olympus is the only company doing this right

Another great feature which is important to have (and not very common with
sub $1000USD cameras) is being able to take TIFF (uncompressed). They
require a lot of storage space, but sometimes having perfect quality is

You can read my reviews of these cameras here:




Also, the Imaging Resource ( http://www.imaging-resource.com ) is exactly
what the name says it is :] (although beware of the 10,000 word reviews).


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