[thelist] Adjusting font size default in IE 5.x?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Tue Nov 27 06:40:13 CST 2001

In the PC version of IE 5.x there are 5 font sizes that one can zoom 
their text size to: largest, larger, medium, smaller and smallest. 
Personally, I think they should be renamed monolithic, huge, large, 
tiny and infinitesimal.

It seems that to MSIE that 'medium' (I'm guessing 1em) should be 
about 16 pixels high. Way too big.  And as such, there is no one size 
that seems 'just right'. Can someone suggest how I may set my own 
browser's default to something that might be more in line with the 
way every other application ever devised would display it?

I have no idea how these guys figured they would calculate size 
differential. I appreciate that Netscape 6.x allows increments of 
about 10%, and that 1em seems to be interpreted as 'default browser 


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