[thelist] Any good web developer/programmer Portals out there?

/cdj chris at fuzzylizard.com
Tue Nov 27 10:07:52 CST 2001

Thanks, I was actually thinking about doing that. Then at least it will
fit my needs exactly.


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I sound like a haughty developer, but I say this more as a "Hey this
could be fun to do..", but why not write your own?  Moreover has a great
list of free news you can download on a nightly basis and insert into
your application...

(checkout the section devoted entirely to things of the internet as well
as the companies where you might find Adobe/Macromedia stuff)

I know there is a custom tag written in CF that'll grab the appropriate
news for you... but more information for ya here:



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Macromedia Certified ColdFusion Developer
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