[thelist] How to get the handle of the window using the name

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Tue Nov 27 14:58:51 CST 2001

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> Hi,
> Thank you very much for the information, but the solution you have given
> after getting the handle. At the time of getting the handle script 'OPEN'
> will open the window if it doesn't exists. I want to check whether window
> exists before this itself, ie: before actually doing the script 'OPEN'.

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> if (win && !win.closed)

If the problem is that the variable "win" may not be declared yet, and thus
this object test is causing errors, do this:

<tip type=javascript>
If you want to test whether a variable has been defined or not,
simply calling it by name will cause an error if it has not yet been

causes error,

var win=true
is ok.

So you can do two things, either attach the variable to an object you're
sure will be declared, like this:

Is ok

is also ok,

OR, test for it like this:


Now that's cool!


Richard Bennett.

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