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Craig Saila crsaila at yahoo.ca
Tue Nov 27 15:15:04 CST 2001

rudy wrote:

> that's neat, but i always thought that when you click on a
> <a href=#top>top</a> link and there wasn't a <a name=top></a>
> anchor available, the browser just reloaded the doc and
> left you sitting at the top by default

You got me thinking (again!) rudy. I threw together a *simple* hit 
counter <http://www.saila.com/foobar/hit_counter.html> and from what I 
can tell most browsers treat any anchor link without a respective anchor 
the same way: jump straight to the top of the page, like you suggested.

Neither browser, though, seems to reload the document (i.e., the cookie 
counter doesn't notch up). Not sure if this a quirk of the counter, though.

So, Sean, my first point was not exactly right: most browsers will jump 
to the top without a top anchor, and it doesn't appear it will cause 
more work for the server (although I could be wrong here, too!).

Still a good idea to include a <a name="top" id="top"></a>.


Craig Saila
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