[thelist] cybersquatters! help!

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Nov 28 12:56:35 CST 2001

Hi Gary,

Many registrars now offer Transferring of domains.  Personally, I've used
dotster.com to transfer all of my domains out of the clutches of NSI or
register.com.  Their forms are easy to use, and their transfer process works
very well.  You can track the progress on transfers too.  Read the
instructions carefully, as the ownership information must match what exists
already.  I've had a few problematic domains, specifically NSI-held ones,
and Dotster's support in all cases has been excellent.

A word of warning, allow for six weeks in advance to transfer a domain.  NSI
has held a strong hold on a domain of mine, and wouldn't approve the
transfer, and instead waited for the domain to expire (I had only allowed
three weeks).  Something to keep in mind.



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| How do you change registrars.

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