[thelist] IE DOM and MSHTML wackiness

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 28 13:01:22 CST 2001

> From:  Sam-I-Am <sam at sam-i-am.com>
> [sorting through old mail]

[recovering from flashback]

> > :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > : where is the default DTD or schema that IE
> > : uses to convert between these two formats?
> > : can it be overridden? if so how?
> > :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > that's a damn good question.  i wish i knew the answer to it myself.
> >  i've done plenty of development with ie to give users the ability
> > to format text without knowing html (sort of a browser-based version
> > of word) and have just learned to live with the resulting html as
> > i've not found any other way to fix it -- short of all sorts of
> > nasty server-side regex fun.
> anything new to bring to this subject? It seems like this is the kind
> of problem that someone somewhere would have dug into. If I knew where
> to begin I'd go hunting for more but any search I do on MSHTML doesn't
> give me much to go on. 


how's that for annoying?  my reply, that is...

however, it's worth noting that i'm still searching... our CMS uses 
the MSHTML edit control, and while i have it disabled for my own 
uses (i code faster than it takes me to find the buttons), it still 
generates less-than-ideal code for the sites -- although it's a good 
thing all the sites are HTML4, and not XHTML, because then it 
would be unusable...

glad to hear this is still on someone else's radar, though...

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