[thelist] jump to links jumping to bottom in NN4.7

bread_man bread_man at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 28 13:44:50 CST 2001

Hi everyone.  Gotta quick question about a bug I believe I've found.

I'm using links to jump to certain parts of a page such as <a

In IE and NN6, it works fine.  In NN4.7, it, and all other links like it
jump down to the bottom of the page!

I should mention that I'm using the <base href="http://mysite.com"> tag in
the page as well.  I think that NN4.7 is getting confused with the jump to
links and the <base href> tag.  However, hovering over the link shows the
correct URL destination in the bottom bar of the browser!  Weird.

Before I go removing the <base href> and recoding all the links for this 150
page site, can anybody suggest a easier fix?

Thanks much!

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