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Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Thu Nov 29 13:43:40 CST 2001

Even though it competes w/ mine, I'll add another plug for Ben(and the
other authors) book. As for doing a What's New, instead of marking each
item the user looks at, simply record when a user logs on, and his last
logon. So, there would be two variables:


On login, set LastLogin to ThisLogin, and ThisLogin to now.

Then, to see whats new, simply check for items edited > LastLogin.

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> You might want to take a look at one of the application books 
> out there for
> Coldfusion.
> They talk extensively about building sessions for just the 
> type of setup you
> wish to build.
> The latest is B. Forta's Coldfusion Web Application 
> Construction Kit 5.0.
> It has all the example code for this and would be realitively easy to
> implement
> if you have any programming skill at all. It is using the 
> Access 97 and
> Access 2k
> Db so it is right where you need to be.
> I am just getting into the advanced section and I have to 
> tell you it is a
> very impressive book.
> Kevin
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> Subject: [thelist] Personalized "What's New"
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> I am currently working on a site that will include a login feature for
> posters.  I'd like to create a "What's New" area that only 
> displays items
> they have not viewed.
> My first thought was to use the visited feature, but that is 
> specific to the
> paticular browser/computer you are using.
> The only other solution I can think of is to actually write 
> the user's id to
> each item's db row when a user views it.  This seems kind of 
> half-assed.
> I've seen other sites with this feature.  Any suggestions?
> By the way, I'm using CF and Access.
> TIA,
> Aaron
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