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> > >Since you're resetting the value of the same vatriable each time, it
> > >makes sense that you're only able to see the value of the last one,
> > >since that's the value of the variable at the time the rest of the
> > >page loads.
> >
> > Oh, very poor, in ASP it would give you a comma delimited list!
> >
> Wouldn't that be bad? If you had two text fields and the user entered:
> Text1: Raymond,Camden
> Text2: Jedimaster
> You would get
> Raymond,Camden,Jedimaster
> You would have no idea which field contained what. I'd rather just get
> "jedimaster." That would at least clue me in pretty quickly that I had a
> problem with the form.

You would either escape the field entry, or disallow non-standard


Chris Marsh

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