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Fri Nov 30 19:01:02 CST 2001

Many thanks to Jeff and Ray.

It was a bad variable, but the source was a surprise:

Sometimes when in a hurry I use Enterprise Manager to stick demo data
straight into an open SQL7 table.  This is on a development server.

I now have discovered that when I type data directly into an empty cell,
an initial blank space is generated by SQL7. This usually closes
automatically when I move on to the next cell. But not always.... I'm
sure there is a good explanation for this having to do with data type
specs, but I haven't time to track it down just now. In any event, it
doesn't seem to occur with normal data insert and import routines.

My url variables retained this space and barfed the INCLUDE. 

So in addition to checking that the file exists, from now on I'll
routinely clean the URL with Trim()!

Thanks again.


>> Is it possible to use a <CFINCLUDE
>> TEMPLATE="#url_from_current_record#"> within a

>yes, but you'll need to make sure the contents of #url_from_current_record#
>is a valid local path on the server.

>> I've tried as much syntactic variation as I can think
>>of, but no luck. I have no trouble using dynamic
>> includes that are outside the query output. But move
>> them inside and they keep throwing path errors.

>have you tried outputting the variable used for the template path to see if
>it's giving you the results you expect.  it could be as simple as the paths
>having a leading slash that doesn't match up with a mapping in the
>cfadministrator.  or, it could be as simple as the path being wrong in
>relation to the calling template.  you've gotta output the variable values
>to the string to find out though.

>as a precautionary measure you should probably wrap that include with a
>FileExists() check just to be on the safe side.


>>Is it possible to use a <CFINCLUDE 
>> within a <CFQUERY OUTPUT>? 

>There is nothing wrong with this, so you must have a simple syntax error
>someplace. Can you show us the exact error? Also, you may want to output
>the var you are passing to cfinclude. It may not be what you think it

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