[thelist] site check please, and a Netscape issue

Andrew Flynn acflynn at qwest.net
Sun Dec 2 16:50:55 CST 2001

Greetings all.  I've been in digest mode for a few months while working on other
career-centric types of things, but I'm coming back, and with a potential problem.

The dev site is http://www.hoopville.net/demo8.asp for the time being.  Not all of the
pages are up however.

We hope to go live in the near future, but I'd like to hear from everyone out there about
a Netscape 4.7 issue involving my Nav Bar.  After three or four navigations using the
navbar, I get a Netscape Run-time error, and the browser shuts down.  Other colleagues
have tested it without incident.

Any ideas?  I'm thoroughly confused.

Thanks, and I appreciate any and all feedback!

Andrew Flynn
Phoenix, Arizona

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