[thelist] site check please: http://www.hugobia.co.uk

Burhan Khalid burhankh at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 2 20:43:04 CST 2001

Hey Tony :

I'm loving the teddy bear theme! Had a few questions/observations about a 
few things. Before I go any further, here is my config :

Windows XP Professional
IE 6.0

You might consider a box instead of the two <hr> before/after your site 
credits. It would give you better control, and help you integrate the 
credits better into the rest of your site theme. Perhaps a box with the 
footer picture as the header?

I like how you display a static title for the current page. I don't know if 
this is a display/table or browser issue, but your static page title appears 
a little above your center menu (and aligned to the left). Also, along the 
same lines you might want to provide a "cookie trail" navigation system. 
Similar to Home --> News where you current static title appears. It provides 
an easy way for the user to go back to where they started. Also, I think its 
better off if you don't provide a link back to the same page. For example, 
if the user is already at your home page, then you might consider replacing 
the home link with something else.

Just my $0.02.
Burhan Khalid

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