[thelist] Variable Stylesheets?

Aleem aleem at mindless.com
Sun Dec 2 22:12:45 CST 2001

I may be wrong, but isn't this concept applicable using javascript and
DOM style/styleSheet objects, which also save a trip back to the server
since they are client side ? If the .js file and .css files are both
external, then it amounts to pretty much the same as what you have
suggested save a trip back to the server.

Once again, I've joined the discussion late, so correct me if I'm wrong.


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Hi Don,

> Here is an article about creating dynamic stylesheets in ASP:
> http://www.asp101.com/articles/thomas/dynamicstylesheets/default.asp

Hey, nice catch... even if it does pop my bubble! ;-(

"Everything that can be invented has been invented."
--Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S.Office of Patents, 1899

Though Thomas' article emphasizes using the technique to dynamically
stylesheets to handle browser (in)compatibility, the tip link at the end
the article really nails what I've described.

I'm with Shirley (Kaiser) though. I believe there's more to this
than meets the eye. In addition to the obvious benefit of enabling user
selectable viewing preferences, it'd be great for designers to show
alternate, 'you name the attribute', schemes. It's somewhat useful for
who are inclined to obfuscate their code/stylesheets (Okay, maybe I'm
grasping at straws). I think the beauty is the flexibility... one
stylesheet, infinite styles.

We'll just have to see what 'develops' from this discussion!

> ENjoy!
> Don Makoviney


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