[thelist] QT Panorama Problem?

Richard H. Morris richard.morris at web-designers.co.uk
Mon Dec 3 05:36:56 CST 2001

Mike Townend suggested:

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> I can see it.... Win2k, ie 6.....
> Does the client have the correct plugin/version installed?

I doubt it, and despite the link to the QT test URL, I think that a
suggestion that Mathew Blanchard made was correct: I used EMBED but not
OBJECT so the browser does not suggest installation.

See http://www.apple.com/quicktime/products/tutorials/activex.html

There may also be an issue with AOL users - like the Client - and I
found this on a web site:

"AOL Tip   
AOL Users - Follow these instructions if you are having trouble viewing
the Java or Quicktime Virtual Tours: 
 1. Go to My AOL>Preferences>WWW>Web Graphics>. 
 2. Deselect Use Compressed Graphics. 
 3. Select Security (My AOL> Preferences>WWW>Security). 
 4. Set Security to Medium or Lower. 
 5. Go back and view or download the virtual tours. 
 (Note: If your AOL graphics preference is set to use compressed
graphics (the default setting), the virtual tour files will not
download. Follow the instructions above for an easy fix to this
problem.) "
> Test URL is http://www.web-designers.co.uk/nas and the 
> virtual tour can then be seen from clicking the panorama at the top.

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