[thelist] Turning Printies into Webbies.

Martin Kuplens-Ewart martin at takingitglobal.org
Tue Dec 4 15:30:25 CST 2001

Throw away the visual tools and do a crash-course in basic html.

The old table with 100% height and 100% width to align an image at the
bottom-right of the screen, kinda tricks.

You're going to have to take their print problem solving skills and
aggressively train them to apply them in a slightly different way to the
problem of web production.

Find tricks that they use in a print environment, etc. see how you could
do them in pure html.

Why hand code? To take them away from DTP, to remind them that you can't
dtp your way out of a web project.


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I have a project coming up where I have to train a small group of print
designers (ad agency level experience) on how to 'design for the web'.
It's not so much their graphic skills that I'm concerned about, but the
little design tricks that only a seasoned designer knows, that makes the
job run smoother.

They know little to nothing about content architecture or how things
'work' on the web.

Any suggestions on the best way to approach this situation? I have 3
2-hour training sessions with them. (about 3-4 people).

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