[thelist] SVG or VML

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Wed Dec 5 13:26:25 CST 2001

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From: "Chris Garrett" <chris at chrisg.com>

> I have been reading about SVG and VML. What are your thoughts on these two
> standards? From my initial surfing it seems SVG is more of an
> all-encompassing standard with more industry backing but VML has more
> support from live sites?

you could say that, yes - but it looks to me like VML is a dying technology.
It is pretty basic in it's possibilities, and there hasn't really been much
work done on it in the last few years.
SVG is XML-based, and quite a few major companies are starting to support
the standard, and build applications using it.
The only real advantage VML has that I'm aware of, is that it's built into
IE. It's also used in MS Office applications quite a bit I think.
As Adobe's SVG plugin ships with Acrobat Viewer (as well as with their other
software), anyone who can view PDFs can view SVG.


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