[thelist] DSN-less conundrum and a lost reference . . .

Wade Armstrong wade at runstrong.com
Thu Dec 6 16:57:49 CST 2001

For (a), they could create a DSN for you. Also, ideally, your .mdb file will
not be in a directory with anonymous read permission.

For (b), is your connection string right? Check out

on 12/6/01 2:26 PM, databarn at databarn at airmail.net wrote:

> . . . is driving me to drink [more].
> I'm looking for a solution that I could swear appeared on this list, but no
> can find it.  
> Got a database app using Access97 or Access2K, depending upon requirements
> from the requestor - he hasn't decided yet.  Low traffic, and low connectivity
> requirements, so Access is ok for now.  Problem is that I cannot seem to
> manage a DSN-less connection to Access.  Have no control over the server, just
> have read-write-create-delete access to a folder on the web server - NT4/IIS4.
> There was a thread here, I think, a few months back that addressed two points:
> a)  what permissions need to be requested from the server admin; and
> b)  if no server changes allowed, what needs to be done to get ASP page to
> talk to an AccessXX database in the same - or child - directory on the web
> server.
> I may be mixing threads in my memory, but I _know_ there was an answer to part
> 'b' of the questoin - I just cannot find it.  Does anyone recall the
> reference?  Would appreciate a jolt of the grey matter.
> Make a good day . . .
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