[thelist] Job Opps in the US? An informal survey.

Bev Corwin bev at enso-company.com
Fri Dec 7 14:47:19 CST 2001

Hi Frank,

If you would like to consider Seattle, please send your current resume,
references, etc to: info at enso-company.com .  We will forward your
information to a local associate ISP w/ Cold Fusion, etc.   Unemployment
here is very high, but there are still opportunities around for the right
people.  Be sure to include any localization skills.


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> I'm thinking of moving to the states for job opps in the States in
> March. I'm hoping it'll be somewhere in California, but I'm open to
> the location.
> My skill set includes high intermediate Cold Fusion, databases of
> various types, javascript, HTML, CSS and the peripherals skills such
> as image manipulation, all the OSs etc... Quite frankly, I'm pretty
> good at what I do, compared to many I've met in Canada, no
> self-puffery.
> Are there some American residents that could give me an idea of what
> the job situation is like for people in our field, what the pay
> scales are like etc...
> I do read the job boards, but as they are as much as sales pitch as
> resumes are, I was hoping to get the straight dope. If you could
> include your location in the answer, I sure would appreciate it.
> Thanks!
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