[thelist] PC File Utilities?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Mon Dec 10 00:32:33 CST 2001

There's a wonderful piece of Mac software called 'File Buddy' it does 
just about anything that can be done to a file. Is there such a thing 
for the PC that doesn't involve my having to drop into DOS?

Did you know that Win2kPro refuses to find a whole variety of files, 
such as .eml (Nimda virus anyone?) even _vti_cnf files. I'm trying to 
do a clean up after a massive, massive (1453 worms on a freshly 
installed system.)

I hate Microsoft with a passion for the sheer mediocrity they 
fervently represent.

Rant over. Can someone suggest a nice, powerful, non-MS obeying piece 
of software that will allow me to make my own mistakes?


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