[thelist] PC File Utilities?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Mon Dec 10 11:08:50 CST 2001

>>  Besides visibility, what other kinds of things are you
>>  trying to do? Might open up whole new worlds to me, but
>>  then, I might just do it all in DOS. Which raises the
>>  question, why not DOS? Just curious.

>  At this moment, for example, I wanted to find all
>  instances of a text file called readme.eml. I then
>  wanted to remove the read-only flag, select them all and
>  delete them. I want to do the same with folders called
>  _vti_cnf.

>  What I'm looking for is a utility that will allow me to
>  do everything and anything that can be done to files and
>  folders. Basically, disk management. Who knows what I
>  might do in the futre. I image that general cleaning up
>  is a big part of it.

Just to add a little more: Here is a description that I got from File 
Buddy's website. I've run into a lot of one-trick ponies that will do 
one or another. What I'm hoping is that someone has one of those 
little discoveries that makes a piece of software 'Can't live 
without'. An examples of that would be 'CK Rename', a little batch 
renaming utility I have.

View and edit a wide range of file and folder information in
the info window.

Find files and folders using an extensive set of search
criteria. Enhance file searches with plug-ins that extend
file search capabilities. Conveniently perform a wide
variety of actions on found items. Make File Buddy your
default file finding application using the File Buddy CP
control panel.

Modify the names of multiple files at once. For example,
remove ".txt" from the names of a group of files.

Use contextual menus to accomplish many tasks in a single

Create aliases.

Find empty files and folders, orphaned files, duplicate
files, broken aliases, and unused preference files.

Automatically repair broken aliases

Move, delete, and copy files. Even copy invisible files and
use the Replace Different option to skipping copying files
that already exist.

Erase files and unused disk space.

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