[thelist] NS Repeating Background Problem

Aleem aleem at mindless.com
Mon Dec 10 12:48:45 CST 2001

Here's the URL (IE - this is how it should
look.. still has a few JS bugs I will look over after I resolve the
browser issue) (Netscape - Check this in IE
also to see what I mean)

It's going totally berserk! As soon as I put the style tag, in the table
tag, the other layers align at the bottom, but when I take it off from
the CONTENT section, things are back to normal... normal meaning the
layout resolves but the background still doesn't repeat.

Given, I can work around this using style sheets, it still bothers me
that NS doesn't support repeating GIFs and even more so that it doesn't
support transparency in PNGs! I feel like NS doesn't deserve the effort
I put in to make my site comply with their standards... only if the
users knew!

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> From: "Aleem" <aleem at mindless.com>
> Hi, I am stuck with a problem which seems quite simple...
> Can someone please tell me how to get transparent GIFs to repeat in
> the background in NS communicator (4.78 to be specific).

i'm not having any problems developing things that do that... got a 
URL so perhaps i can see?

> It won't support repeating GIFs, but it does support repeating JPGS.
> It won't support transparencies in PNGs either so that option is no
> good. It won't support the CSS background-image: url('images/bgb.gif')
> Tag either, so I can't somehow use Layers to repeat the background.

actually, NN4.x *does* support some of the CSS properties for 
background image, such as repeat... i even show some code for it 
Liquid Design for the Web

i have similar code doing this, and avoiding the nested tables 
background bug in NN4.x at (home page only):

shout if none of this helps...

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