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Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com
Mon Dec 10 20:27:29 CST 2001

OK listers,

I did something a little off topic on a post earlier today, and since I've
been looking for an excuse to use this tippage, here it is:

<tip type="Coldfusion bugs" author="rory">
Ok, let's admit it, even ColdFusion has some bugs.

Some even are pretty irritating. Like the Duplicate() bug that stayed around
for a while (until 4.5.2) -- even though I am working on CF5 now, I still
shiver when I think of it.

Well, with CF5, Macromedia seems to have sealed up further progress, since
there will be no more versioning of CF... 5 is it, friends. (Well, until the
next major version. Today I learned about Neo.

What do we do if we wonder if something is a bug in CF when that blasted
code just won't work (ala the dbvarname attribute in the cfprocparam tag
with MS SQL server 7)?

Try http://www.cfbughunt.org/ ... an independent site sponsored by TeraTech
to see, add and keep updated on bugs in CF.


<tip type="Coldfusion bug" author="rory">
Have a query loop in a query loop?

If you try to access a field in the query resultset that is being iterated
by the outer loop, the value of that member won't appear to change to the
inner loop code.


The workaround is to assign a local variable with the field value before the
inner loop, ala these peanut butter sandwiches:

<cfloop query="myQuery1">
	<cfset lName = myQuery1.Name>
	<cfset lAddr = myQuery1.Addr>
	<cfloop query="myQuery2">
			Name: #lName#
			Addr: #lAddr#
				Stuff: #myQuery2.Stuff#

				Aught: #myQuery2.Aught#

instead of:
<cfloop query="myQuery1">
	<cfloop query="myQuery2">
			Name: #myQuery1.Name#
			Addr: #myQuery1.Addr#
				Stuff: #myQuery2.Stuff#

				Aught: #myQuery2.Aught#


<rory disposition="feelin better" alt="8)"/>

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