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Richard H. Morris richard.morris at web-designers.co.uk
Tue Dec 11 03:59:47 CST 2001

Gerd Baumann suggested:

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> > I've been trying to find a decent image dicer for a while. I mainly 
> > use Paint Shop Pro for image work but have a Mac as well as a PC.
> The last couple of Photoshop updates I bought were always 
> bundled with ImageReady. It's got more slicing options than 
> you may ever need. Have you considered switching?

We're now in one of those Catch 22 situations: having bought and used
PSP since its version 3 incarnation, we've now invested a lot of time
and effort getting to grips with it (but still missing out on finding
some features...).

Photoshop has evolved to stay ahead of the competition, but the costs of
starting from scratch with it are prohibitive. There is AIUI no
competitive/cross upgrade so we'd be looking at over $750 for the

Like I said, PSP does most of what we want: buttons, logos, animated
gifs, diced images (ahem!) and we've even lifted out and replaced a
person from a stock photograph with it.

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