[thelist] Dreamweaver is changing the case on my javascript

Matt mspiegler at lightbulbpress.com
Tue Dec 11 08:25:14 CST 2001

which version of DW are you using?

David McDonald wrote:

> I am currently recoding my personal site and implementing a XHTML, tabless
> layout styled with CSS.
> I have a piece of javascript which requires an 'onclick' event.
> If I use 'onclick' instead of 'onClick' in my javascript, then save it in
> Dreamweaver, then Dreamweaver changes the case back to 'onClick' - which
> then doesn't validate as XHTML.
> In my preferences, under Code Rewriting, I have 'Never Rewrite Code' ticked,
> and the extension .html in the text field.
> However, it still changes the case of the 'onclick' event.
> I realise that I can just open the file in Notepad and change it - but
> anyone know how to make Dreamweaver stop doing this?
> A note to any Macromedia people on the list - I think the next version of
> Dreamweaver should take look at being able to produce XHTML compliant code.
> At present it does not get near it.
> Regards,
> David McDonald
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> Southbank, Victoria
> Australia 3006
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