[thelist] Jumping In With Both Feet

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Tue Dec 11 08:55:53 CST 2001


>> But does it actually matter? Really, what *user* benefits does anything
>> introduced since then actually offer? All the real new benefits to users
>> have been unrelated to client-side improvements - they've been
>> how the organisation running the site operates and what services it
>> provides.
>> All the stuff around standards, and separation of content & styling, are
>> *designer* benefits.
>> A user's (justifiable) response is "Not my problem". Why should they
>> money on phone
>> bills so Nathan Barley types can have an easier life?

My personal feeling is that newer browsers enhance the user experience (nows
theres one of those cliches!)

As for money on the phone bill - thats another problem aswell - but things
are changing - home users can now view the web, download for free at nights
on week days with some suppliers - its a step in the right direction, we
have to get the users to be more 'up-to-date' so we as developers can really
start to change the way the web can work, theres still so much more we can
do with development, but we always seem to halt our progress because we have
to cater for those users who don't want to upgrade, or cant afford to -
solving this problem would make the web a better place and a better

Do we force the users to upgrade by not developing sites for they're
browser....no, bad solution, but there has to be a cut off point on browser
compatability, that way maybe we can squeeze out the gruddy browsers - but
you can't do this until the users can readily get new software and upgrades
for free, quickly and easily - bring on more bandwidth and we're sorted,
this is after all the 21st century and how long has the web been going for??

Has anyone written anything about this for evolt, the on-going saga, im sure
it would rate up there with the Star Wars trilogies.


paul backhouse

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